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2013 International Week in NTHU


          The number of foreign students has been increasing in National Tsing-Hua University in recent years, they come from all around the world, and choose to study in our beautiful Formosa island. 

       They come to Taiwan not only to discover more about Taiwan's culture, but to let local students to have more understanding about their countries. The NTHU International Week has been held for three times till this year. The original goal to have this event was hoping that through exchanging information of different countries' cultures, foreign and local students can keep in touch more in order to let different groups of people on campus to have this opportunity to gather together. 
       The theme of International week is different every year, this year, the 2013 International week--International Express is to let the participants to see the world without really going abroad through our activities.

             4/22 Courier Cuisine 可口可餐 @水木前 19:30
             4/24 Cultural Knowledge Contest 世界即時通@ 風三樓 19:00
             4/25 Talent Night : Masquerade Platform 瑪斯克蕾秀 @合勤 18:30
             4/28 Cultural Exhibition : Formosa Wonderland 摩境夢遊 @大草坪 10:00
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